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  • Advise and support the clients to pursue the business opportunities in Indian defence market.
  • Identify business avenues for clients for the procurement of new equipment/ weapon systems, mid life upgrades, maintenance, obsolescence management etc. for Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, para military forces and police services.
  • Offers consultancy and support to Indian companies, foreign OEMs, DPSUs, MSMEs, service providers and entrepreneurs to help them reap benefits from the growing defence market.
  • Interact with the customers, clients and industry in support of business activities.
  • Provide necessary advice and support for potential opportunities in the domain of equipment maintenance, overhaul, up-gradation, life extension, engineering, design, testing, and quality assurance services.
  • Advise and support the clients to identify appropriate opportunities to form joint ventures, partnerships, alliances, consortiums, PPPs etc.
  • To assist the clients in identifying suitable business avenues for joint development and co-production of defence products, services etc. 
  • Help in undertaking manufacturing, maintenance, repair and logistic activities.
  • Advise on the security set up to include security of the personnel, information, infrastructure and related aspects.

Research and Projects

  • Undertake research and analysis of the market to support the business of the clients.
  • Provide customized sector specific reports mapping the market opportunities for the clients
  • Provide industry analysis papers to keep the clients updated on the business scenario
  • Issue policy briefs to the clients to help them understand the Government polices, regulatory environment and market structure in Indian defence sector.
  • Provide analysis of the competitors, their strategies and market potential.

Offset Solutions:

  • Support and advise the foreign and Indian companies to identify, contract and implement offset projects as per the satisfaction of the offset authorities and clients.
  • Provide support for all offset related activities including direct purchase of, executing export orders of defence and security products/components manufactured by the Indian defence industry.
  • Provide support and advice to the clients in project proposal preparation, assistance in formulation of offset project valuations, support for project implementation, liaison with offset agencies etc.
  • Advise and support direct foreign investment in Indian organizations engaged in research in defence R&D as certified by government and Defence Offset Management Wing (DOMW).
  • Advise the clients during the bid phase by structuring industrial participation and offset proposals that enhance competitiveness and provide discriminatory benefits to the procuring country and its industrial base.

Office and administration support

  • Represent the client companies and perform the agreed activities on their behalf.
  • Provide office space and administrative set up to the clients.
  • Establish liaison with the customers, follow-up and interact with concerned governmental/private agencies on behalf of the clients.
  • Carry out marketing and business promotion activities.
  • Extend all possible assistance to the officials of principals during their visits to India.


  • Identify suitable sourcing partners for the clients.
  • Identify products, components, subsystems and systems to qualify for outsourcing.
  • Advise the clients on import and export of the products, solutions and systems.
  • Initiate dialogue to support investment for infrastructural development for the project.
  • Undertake project management services for the clients.
  • Provision of manpower for security, administration and other related services.

Maintenance and Repair of Equipment

  • Undertake annual maintenance contracts and product support
  • Support maintenance and repair of the products of the clients.
  • Collaborate with suitable Indian and foreign partners for maintenance, repair, modifications, upgrade, test, evaluation and fielding of the equipment and similar services.

Event Management

  • Conduct of seminars, conferences, promotional events, meetings, training etc.
  • Planning, conceptualization and implementation of media interactions and events.
  • Management and conduct of special events on behalf of the clients.